Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I reserve a furnished property? ( Reserving a furnished property is comprised of two phases. )

    •  First, you have to give us your personal coordinates in order for us to prepare the rental contract. The first phase is completed once we’ve received the signed contract.
    •  Secondly, in order to complete the reservation process, we must receive the 1st month’s rent of the rental contract within 10 days following the signature of the contract.  The reservation process will be final once the 1st month’s rent is received.
  • What is a furnished rental property?

    • A furnished property is a residential property available for rent fully furnished all-inclusive (furniture, appliances, television, dvd, stereo system, bedding and everything in the kitchen etc..) All of the services are also included: heating, electricity, cable TV, telephone (local calls) and Internet.
  • What is the minimum rental term as regards a furnished unit?

    • 1 month.
  • What do you mean by semi-furnished or non-furnished apartment or condo?

    • A semi-furnished apartment includes only certain appliances. A non-furnished apartment is equipped with neither appliance nor furniture.
  • What is the minimum rental duration as regards a semi or non-furnished unit?

    • 1 year.
  • At what time must I vacate my furnished unit?

    • Furnished rentals must be vacated by noon.
  • What about the security deposit?

    • A security deposit is required upon possession of the fully furnished rental apartment or condo.
    • This deposit will cover the damage incurred on the furnished property (furniture, accessories, flooring, etc…) Any damages made to the property, furniture or other property assets will result in a market value deduction from the security deposit.
    • The security deposit will be returned maximum 30 days following the property inspection.
  • Does the rental agreement begin the 1st day of the month?

    • No, an agreement for a furnished property may start any day of the month: however, there is a minimum 30-day stay. 

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